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3 Ninjas Kick Back (SNES) – Longplay


A longplay of 3 Ninjas Kick Back with no damage.

Stage List:
00:32 Level 1 Zone 1: The Woods
01:44 Level 1 Zone 2: The Hillside
01:57 Level 1 Zone 3: Training Ground
04:11 Level 1 Zone 4: To The Cabin
06:01 Bonus Room 1
06:49 Level 2 Zone 1: Mori’s Cabin
09:42 Level 2 Zone 2: Secret Cave
13:25 Bonus Room 2
14:02 Level 3 Zone 1: The Hospital
17:15 Level 3 Zone 2: Woooaah Nurse Shubuya
17:55 Bonus Room 3
18:26 Level 4 Zone 1: Japanese Gardens
19:25 Level 4 Zone 2: Japanese Gardens
21:54 Level 4 Zone 3: Japanese Gardens
27:00 Level 4 Zone 4: Konang Dojo
29:13 Level 4 Zone 5: Uh Oh Sumo
29:35 Level 5 Zone 1: Castle Osaka
34:58 Level 5 Zone 2: Cave of Gold
36:24 Ending

3 Ninjas Kick Back is a beat ’em up video game for the Super NES, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and Sega CD platforms. It was developed by Malibu Interactive, published by Sony Imagesoft and was released in 1994.

The game is based on the motion picture of the same name.

Fifty years ago, the master samurai fought in a ninja tournament to win a magical dagger that together with an ancient samurai sword, is believed to be the key to unlocking a secret cave laden with riches. After winning the tournament and rightfully gaining the dagger, it was stolen by the master’s archrival, Koga. Though the master searched far and wide, he never found any trace of Koga or the dagger. Now, too old to continue searching, the master sends his three young apprentices, the young ninja brothers, Rocky, Colt, and Tum-Tum, to assist him in retrieving the prized dagger.

Once it has been restored to its rightful owner, the dagger shall once again be passed along to younger generations, through the winners of the ninja tournament.

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