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[ASIAN MOD] Megaman X4 – No Damage Completion Run (X) 100% / ロックマンX4


[BOOST] Rockman X4 / ロックマンX4

This is a gameplay using a mod created by “Appendko”

The route and order to defeat the booses was changed only to achieve a run without any damage, So; frost walrus must be the first boss and will need a revisit in the stage.
Using fros tower is the only way (without the ultimate armor) to avoid the damage in volcano area.

There’s another new problem, the only way to pick the heart tank in air base, is using the giga attack (Damage in Eagle ride armor count as damage¿); so is neccesary revisit this one cause… the body part in dragoon’s stage requires the buster part that is Owl’s stage.

By now I can’t propose a safe route for zero but will keep testing.

-Also good news: it seems that appendko started to work In the first steps to mod Megaman X6, jus imagine!; mmx6 is considered the hardest megaman according to wiki, mods will break the game 🙂

So, visit appendko’s channel and leave a comment !!

Nguồn: https://vadapalanijobs.com

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