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Crispy French Fries Recipe – Top Chef Cooking Game


Crispy French Fries Recipe – Top Chef Cooking Game
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Lets make the delicious pommes fries from your own cooking restaurant .Make variety of fritties by different
methods in your own restaurant .From this game,you are able to learn that how to make healthy fries at your
home,restaurant .French fries is the best kind of fast food that you can easily made.French Fries are soft,
crispy delicious snack that can be eaten in lunch or dinner.They often served with ketchup or any kind of
sauce according to your taste.Lets cook yummmy fries free at home.Fries can be made from sweet and healthy
potatoes.Fries contains variety of shapes as curly fries,steaks fries etc.Lets make delicious homemade
fritties by frying potatoes depending on your taste.Lets make fries by washing potatoes firstly.Peel the
potatoes.Cut the Potatoes through knife into strips.Be careful,don`t cut your hand.Put the potato strips
into the oil.Deep fry chips until its turn brown.Take the fritties out from oil.Serve it with ketchup or

*washing potatoes
*make fritties in strips
*deep frying
*served with ketchup

make the fries by your own self and be a homemade chef master.

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