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Mr. Muscle – First Look (Android Gameplay)


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“Ahoj! My name’s Gustav Fristensky, but you can call me Mr. Muscle. What, you’ve never heard of me? I’m a legendary Czech wrestler — a professional European champion — a symbol of strength in my country! I was born in 1879 in a small village near Prague. Over my career I won almost 10,000 fights, the first when I was just 19 and the last as an old man of 72. But enough chit-chat… let’s get back to training! Help me slice these bricks and keep my balance as long as possible.”

Mr. Muscle is a fast-reaction game for players with witty reflexes who enjoy challenging and hard-core gameplay. If you are not afraid of a punishing and frustrating experience, let Mr. Muscle jump on your Android phone and start playing.
Don’t be surprised that Mr. Muscle looks cute. Slicing the quick zig zag-ging bricks and keeping balance could be very difficult. If you’ve fallen in love with games like “Jelly Jump” or “Don’t Touch the Spikes” by Ketchapp, you’ll love this one as well.
Compare your high score with other fast ninjas in the Google Play Leaderboards and beat the game’s inventor, Lucas, who achieved a mind-blowing 143 slices.

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