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Tutankham (1982, Konami / Stern) – my final playthrough to stage 8 !!


Yep, I did it. Almost got to stage 9.

Sorry for the poor video quality in HD, but I configured the hlsl options to make it looking more like the original cabinet game. There is also some video desync issue – the recorder didn’t allow me to set up fps to sync with the game, so it ‘s leaping a bit.

Anyway, enjoy watching my video. 🙂

A few hints for the players:
– Monster generators go into spam mode every minute or so. Stay in a safe corridor when that happens. Rushing ahead with many mobs around often ends badly.
– Observe how monsters behave in the labirynth. They move in certain patterns. Once you figure the patterns, it’s easier to progress.
– Don’t shoot awkwardly. This is not Defender where you spam fire button as fast as you can. If you shoot too early or too late, you are toasted. Using your weapon just in time is a key to success.
– Use your flashbomb only as a last resort. You will need one bomb at the end of stage 6 where there is no place to hide.
– monsters which move off screen tend to disappear. You can use it to your advantage, for example, to clean the vertical corridor next to the first lock on stage 2 & 6.
– newer mame versions emulate the game better. It should not be possible to shoot at both directions at once. I used MAMEUIFX32 0.154 to play Tutankham.

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